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We offer a wide variety of solutions for any company, no matter their size, to manage their risk and impact on the environment. Our services include:


  • Environmental Impact assessments for Environmental Inception Report and Environmental Impact Statement
  • Environmental Monitoring and Auditing
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Environmental Management during construction
  • Environmental Risk Assessment Studies
  • Environmental Management plans, Environmental Protocols, Inspection Checklists and Monitoring Schedules


  • Water Use License applications
  • Water Permit Applications
  • Ground Water Investigations
  • Water Resource Management
  • Monitoring programs for surface- and groundwater
  • Water Quality Controls
  • Surface Water Quality Monitoring and reporting
  • Discharge permit monitoring
  • Waste water treatment works monitoring
  • Stormwater Management Plans
  • Marine Biodiversity Surveys
  • Wetland & Freshwater Impact Assessments


  • Flora and Fauna Surveys
  • Invasive species (pest and pathogens Management Plans
  • Ecological Rehabilitation Plans
  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Ecological Impact Assessments
  • Dieback Monitoring,
  • Weed identification/inspection


  • Mining Compliance Auditing
  • Water Quality Tests and Advice
  • Mining Permits nd Licensing
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Closure and rehabilitation


  • Offsite disposal (export) of Hazardous Wastes to licensed facilities
  • Waste Permit Applications and Waste Licenses
  • Pollution Control Plans


  • Environmental Awareness
  • Invasive species (pest and pathogens) Training
  • Train lab personnel and maintain the Lab quality management system as per ISO 17025 NATA and PNGLAS accreditation.


  • Erosion Control Plan
  • Soil Erosion Risk Assessment
  • Reinstatement and rehabilitation


  • Pre construction surveys
  • Air Quality Assessments
  • Noise monitoring
  • Acid Sulphate Soil Monitoring
  • Bio-remediation
  • Socio-Economic Impact Assessments
  • Cultural Heritage Surveys and archeological studies
  • Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Business Plan
  • GIS and Remote Sensing Mapping Services
  • ISO 14001 environmental management system auditing and certification
  • Get Laboratories ISO 17025 NATA and PNGLAS accreditations.


  •  Prepare and Submit Permit or license applications on behalf of clients
  • Follow up, have meeting with relevant government agencies until the Permit or license applications are successful
  • Due-diligence reviews
  • Stakeholder engagement

ODESH environmental Services subsidiary business of ODESH Limited which is a duly registered Company with the Investment Promotion Authority (registration #: 1-124195), Internal Revenue Commission (TIN# 501482451) and Western Pacific Insurance Limited (Public Liability and Workers Compensation Insurances). The Company’s key personnel are PNG nationals with more than 100 years of industry experiences related to Environmental Impact Management, Water Management, Biodiversity – Aquatic/Marine & Terrestrial Fauna survey and GIS/Remote Sensing, Biodiversity – Terrestrial Flora survey & invasive species, Ecological Services, Cultural Heritage/ Archaeology and Socio-Economic, Mining Impact Management, Waste Management, Soil Management, Government Relations/Regulatory and Advocacy (among others).

Majority of ODESH’s key technical team members have PhDs (x3) and Master Degrees (x5) holders from various reputable Universities in India, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. They also have a wide range of consultancy experiences within their respective field of expertise (some engaged by Coffey and other international consultancy firms) and worked with/for CEPA, MRA and other key governmental agencies before. (Refer to their individual resume for more information).

ODESH’s current team constitute of;

  • Risk, Environment Impact Assessments, Regulatory Lead – (liaison for licenses, permits and approvals from CEPA, Department of Petroleum & Energy, Department of Works/Building Board, PNG Power, Eda Ranu etc)
  • Regulatory Lead: Mining Permit, Licenses and Approvals from MRA
  • Regulatory Lead: Permit, Licenses and Approvals from CEPA
  • Biodiversity – Aquatic/Marine & Terrestrial Fauna survey and GIS/Remote Sensing lead Biodiversity – Terrestrial Flora survey & invasive species lead
  • Water Resource Management (Surface) and Lab analysis lead Hydrogeological and geophysical surveys Lead
  • OHS and Environmental Monitoring (water, noise, ambient air quality/GHG) lead (Cultural Heritage/Archaeology and Socio-Economic Survey Lead) Mine Closure and Rehabilitation lead
  • Geochemical Survey Lead
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control & Field Equipment Calibration lead

ODESH have fostered three important partnerships with the:

  • School of Physical and Natural Sciences, University of Papua New Guinea where final year chemistry and biology students will be given short-term internship opportunity to work during Environmental/biodiversity Surveys and Monitoring activities.
  • WMW Laboratory Environment Management, an ISO certified laboratory based in Port Moresby will do a whole spectrum analysis of inorganics, organics, physical and metals.
  • ABMISE Geophysical Consulting Ltd that specialize in the application of geophysical survey techniques and equipment.

ODESH have access to various field equipment calibrated to WHO and other equivalent standards to do surface water quality analysis, ground water monitoring, ambient air quality monitoring, GHG emissions monitoring and noise monitoring. In additional to having experienced/competent team members who are able to operate these field equipment, we also have someone responsible for calibrating them to standards, troubleshoot etc so that they give accurate and reliable readings.

ODESH is committed to providing sustainable environmental solutions that meet specific customer needs and are consistent with the long-term interests of the environment by employing or partnering with highly educated team members who can assist with in-depth research, proactive design, effective implementation, and long-term support for all of our clients’ needs. ODESH Environmental Services will always maintain high standards of professional conduct and will comply with national legislations and international best practices.