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ODESH – Safety & Security Management System

Drivers and Vehicles:

  • All drivers have police clearance and thus does not have any past criminal records.
  • All drivers successfully complete the ODESH Driver Training Program
  • All vehicles are fitted with 24/7 GPS Tracking and Monitoring System
  • All vehicles’ movements are monitored on real time basis and when ‘SOS’ call is received, ODESH Security Partners (local security firm and NCDC Police) are immediately notified for timely assistance.


Clients (Passengers):

  • While travelling, clients can share their trip details with their friends or family members on Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail or other social media platforms
  • During emergency situation, clients can also press “SOS” button in the app. Immediately notifications are sent to their emergency contacts requesting for help. This is in addition to driver’s “SOS” call if both are in the same situation.


DISCLAIMER: As an online booking platform provider, ODESH has included all these necessary tools for everyone (drivers, vehicles and clients) to use. However, ODESH will not be responsible or be liable should there be any property damage or incident during travelling. Everyone should be cautious and make judgement call when making decisions.

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