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ODESH – Client Management System

How to use the ODESH Client app:

  • Download ODESH (Client) app on Google Play or Apple Store
  • Register and Login
  • Enter your drop off location/destination
  • Choose vehicle type preferred
  • When you agree with the fare displayed, your order will be sent to any drivers available.
  • You will be notified when the driver accepts/confirms to come to your current location.
  • You will view your driver’s profile, track his movements in real time and get notified when he arrives.
  • While travelling, you can share your trip details with your friends or family members on Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail or other social media platforms – an initiative to improve travel safety
  • After reaching your destination, you can pay cash (i.e. amount shown on app)
  • Before you leave, please don’t forget to rate your experience by giving 1 – 5 stars and comment – an initiative to improve customer service.
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