By Franklin Kolma (June 28, 2018)

Both chewing betelnut and smoking have been banned on all modes of public transport.Starting in Port Moresby, the National Capital District Commission has announced that a set of corrective guidelines will soon be issued to all public transport operators in the city.

Among these guidelines will be a directive to all PMV and cab operators to ban smoking and the chewing of betelnut during hours of public transport operations.

Speaking on the matter yersterday, NCD City Manger Mr Bernerd Kipit said that the public transport system in the country has been left unattended for too long and that as a result, PMV and cab services have decayed to unacceptable standards.

“We are addressing the issues to do with public transport now, keeping in mind that cleaning the city up and improving health standards on these public modes of transport are equally important,” said the city manager.

He said that after careful analysis of the multifaceted issues surrounding public transport, the commission has come up with rules that will be followed and enforced by public transport operators themselves.

He explained that while the Road Traffic Authority would play a role in enforcing the new rules, the primary responsibility of upholding these rules would fall on the PMV crew. He said that this was a way to ensure the drivers and crew members have an obligation to good service provision and themselves as operators.

Mr Kipit said the main rules entail a zero buai and smoking tolerance on PMVs for both passengers and transport operators at any point of operation, for the drivers and crew members of buses or cabs to be well dressed while conducting public transport services and picking up passengers only at city bus stops.

He said that this was the start of a public transport improvement plan that would eventually be used across the country.

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