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ODESH (On Demand Express Services Hub) is Port Moresby’s SME Award Winning Taxi and Chauffeur On – Demand Booking Platform (android, iOS and web) established to improve and modernize the public transport services in the City by providing  a Safer, Efficient and Affordable services.

The ODESH Booking Platform was officially launched by Papua New Guinea’s 10th Prime Minister, Honorable James Marape  on the 08th December 2019 at the APEC Haus, during the the Startup PNG Convention. It currently has more than 100 registered taxis and chauffeurs providing Business to Business (Corporate Pick up/Drop off, Airport Transfer etc) and Business to Customers (Individual public transport services) to more than 1 million people in Port Moresby City.

After participating in various tech start up challenges within PNG, South Pacific Region and South East Asian Region from 2020 – 2021, ODESH Ltd  is rated amongst “one of the top 4  Emerging Tech Startups in the  South East Asian Region.” ODESH Ltd also got  2021 e-Commerce Business of the Year SME Award sponsored by PNG Kina Bank.

The ODESH Booking Platform

Passenger App

Driver App

Hotel Panel 

Hotel Dispatcher

Web Dispatch Panel 

Web Dispatcher

How It Works

Use ODESH to go anywhere freely.

Step 1

Simple registration and login
with your facebook account or mobile number

Step 2

Enter destination, car type  & wait for pick up

Step 3

Enjoy ride with drivers on real time GPS route tracking

Step 4

Upon arrival to destination
rate our service accordingly

Have a Private Vehicle or Taxi? Sign up with ODESH 

Make good money

ODESH  can help turn your vehicle into a money machine. The city is buzzing and ODESH makes it easy for you to cash in on the action.  All you need is  a vehicle, get it registered with RTA under Temporary Hire Car License (K50 fee),  and a mobile phone to get started

Vehicle Varieties

Various vehicle types available with ODESH ranging from Camry,  Vista, Mark II etc to Harrier, 5 Door, 10 Seater, 15 Seater Bus etc  to suit clients’ budgets and occasions. New registrations are welcome

Quality Service

ODESH services are available 24/7 and one of its core values is to deliver quality services with professionalism, productivity, pleasure and punctuality

Register your vehicle & driver


How to use the ODESH Client app:

  • Download ODESH (Client) app on Google Play or Apple Store
  • Register and Login
  • Enter your drop off location/destination
  • Choose vehicle type preferred
  • When you agree with the fare displayed, your order will be sent to any drivers available.
  • You will be notified when the driver accepts/confirms to come to your current location.
  • You will view your driver’s profile, track his movements in real time and get notified when he arrives.
  • While travelling, you can share your trip details with your friends or family members on Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail or other social media platforms – an initiative to improve travel safety
  • After reaching your destination, you can pay cash (i.e. amount shown on app)
  • Before you leave, please don’t forget to rate your experience by giving 1 – 5 stars and comment – an initiative to improve customer service.

How to use the ODESH Driver app:

  • Express your interest  HERE 
  • ODESH Admin will contact you to schedule a time for drivers training
  • Download ODESH (Driver) app and then activate your account
  • Login to your account and Change status to “Online” if free and available and wait for client request. Before logging out, please always change your status to “Offline”

Drivers and Vehicles:

  • All drivers have police clearance and thus does not have any past criminal records.
  • All drivers successfully complete the ODESH Driver Training Program
  • All vehicles are fitted with 24/7 GPS Tracking and Monitoring System
  • All vehicles’ movements are monitored on real time basis and when ‘SOS’ call is received, ODESH Security Partners (local security firm and NCDC Police) are immediately notified for timely assistance.


Clients (Passengers):

  • While travelling, clients can share their trip details with their friends or family members on Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail or other social media platforms
  • During emergency situation, clients can also press “SOS” button in the app. Immediately notifications are sent to their emergency contacts requesting for help. This is in addition to driver’s “SOS” call if both are in the same situation.


DISCLAIMER: As an online booking platform provider, ODESH has included all these necessary tools for everyone (drivers, vehicles and clients) to use. However, ODESH will not be responsible or be liable should there be any property damage or incident during travelling. Everyone should be cautious and make judgement call when making decisions.

  • 2017 June: ODESH Ltd’s Founder was accepted into Kumul Game Changers Entrepreneurship Program (KGC), local entrepreneurship program funded by Australian Aid. More than 50 applicants from Fiji, Tonga and Papua New Guinea (Madang, Lae and Port Moresby) were accepted into the Program. www.kumulgamechangers.com   KGC engaged Chris as the trainer/mentor. Chris is one of leading Lean Start-up Experts and a 500 Start-up Mentor from the Silicon Valley, USA. https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisdenoia
  • 2018 – 2019 August: Through Founder’s personal experience (finding it hard to contact taxi late night), an Uber like concept, called PomTaxi Hub was born. Later it pivoted based on the customers’ feedbacks and rebranded as ODESH (On Demand Express Services Hub).
  • 2019 October: Out of more than 40 businessmen/women include few politicians approached for seed investment, successfully secured an investments from a local businessman.
  • 2019 December:  PNG’s Prime Minister Hon. James Marape officially launched ODESH during the Papua New Guinea Start-up Convention.
  • 2020 January – June: Seed investment used to gain more traction and customer experiences/awareness.
  • 2020 July: Engaged by one of PNG largest to provide corporate staff pick up and drop off service.
  • 2020 September: Recognized as one of South Pacific’s Emerging Start-ups at Pacific Start-up Challenge (29 start-ups from PNG, Fiji and Samoa participated) – Organized by Phanyeer Institute, a Myanmar Tech Start-up Accelerator. Event was funded by the Australian Aid
  • 2020 November: Declared the Local Winner of Port Moresby Seedstars 2020 Challenge (8 PNG startups participated) and advance to the Seedstars Regional Challenge 2020
  • 2020 December: Declared the Regional Winner of South East Asian Regional Seedstars Challenge (Local winners of Fiji, Samoa and Maldives participated) and advance to Asian Regional Finals Challenge 2021.
  • 2021 February: Participated in the Asian Regional Final Seedstars Challenge. Competed with best tech startups from Singapore, Malaysia and Pakistan.
    • 20 Emerging Tech Startups from 20 countries
    • Winners from Singapore, Pakistan, Malaysia & Papua New Guinea (ODESH)
    • 4 Winners (including ODESH) advanced to Asian Regional Finals (ODESH didn’t make it to the World Challenge – Grand Finale)
  • 2022 February: ODESH Ltd was recognized as the 2021 e-Commerce Business of the Year SME Award sponsored by Kina Bank

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